Returns a submit button, with provided text and appropriate class


get_submit_button( $text = null, $type = 'primary large', $name = 'submit', $wrap = true, $other_attributes = null )
 (string) The text of the button (defaults to 'Save Changes')
Default: null
 (string) The type of button. One of: primary, secondary, delete
Default: 'primary large'
 (string) The HTML name of the submit button. Defaults to "submit". If no id attribute is given in $other_attributes below, $name will be used as the button's id.
Default: 'submit'
 (boolean) True if the output button should be wrapped in a paragraph tag, false otherwise. Defaults to true
Default: true
 (array|string) Other attributes that should be output with the button, mapping attributes to their values, such as array( 'tabindex' => '1' ). These attributes will be output as attribute="value", such as tabindex="1". Defaults to no other attributes. Other attributes can also be provided as a string such as 'tabindex="1"', though the array format is typically cleaner.
Default: null




function get_submit_button( $text = null, $type = 'primary large', $name = 'submit', $wrap = true, $other_attributes = null ) {
	if ( ! is_array( $type ) )
		$type = explode( ' ', $type );

	$button_shorthand = array( 'primary', 'small', 'large' );
	$classes = array( 'button' );
	foreach ( $type as $t ) {
		if ( 'secondary' === $t || 'button-secondary' === $t )
		$classes[] = in_array( $t, $button_shorthand ) ? 'button-' . $t : $t;
	$class = implode( ' ', array_unique( $classes ) );

	if ( 'delete' === $type )
		$class = 'button-secondary delete';

	$text = $text ? $text : __( 'Save Changes' );

	// Default the id attribute to $name unless an id was specifically provided in $other_attributes
	$id = $name;
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