Function Arguments Return Description Version Path


(bool) $update = false
(array) $post_data = null
(object|boolean) WP_Error on failure, true on success.

Rename $_POST data from form names to DB post columns.

2.6 wp-admin / includes / post.php


(object) $post
(array) $revisions
(boolean) true if the revisions were upgraded, false if problems

Upgrade the revisions author, add the current post as a revision and set the revisions version to 1

3.6 wp-includes / revision.php


(string) $text
(string) $context
(string) $domain = 'default'
(string) Translated context string without pipe.

Retrieve translated string with gettext context.

2.8 wp-includes / l10n.php



Filter to enable special wp_die handler for xmlrpc requests.

3.2 wp-includes / functions.php


(string) $message
(string) $title = ''
(string|array) $args = array()

Kill WordPress execution and display XML message with error message.

3.2 wp-includes / functions.php


(string) $text
(string) $domain = 'default'
(string) Translated text.

Retrieve the translation of $text. If there is no translation, or the text domain isn’t loaded, the original text is returned.

2.1 wp-includes / l10n.php


(mixed) $helper
(mixed) $current
(bool) $echo
(string) $type
(string) html attribute or empty string

Private helper function for checked, selected, and disabled.

2.8 wp-includes / general-template.php



Helper function to clear the cache for number of authors.

wp-includes / author-template.php



Retrieve the plural or single form based on the amount.

1.2 wp-includes / deprecated.php



Register plural strings in POT file, but don’t translate them.

2.5 wp-includes / deprecated.php