Function Arguments Return Description Version Path


(array) $matches
(array) $attr
(string) $url
(array) $rawattr
(string) The embed HTML.

YouTube embed handler callback.

4.0 wp-includes / media.php


(array) Array of sessions.

Retrieve a list of sessions for the current user.

4.0 wp-includes / user.php


(string) Token.

Retrieve the current session token from the logged_in cookie.

4.0 wp-includes / user.php


(string) The spaces regexp.

Returns the regexp for common whitespace characters.

4.0 wp-includes / formatting.php


(mixed) $var
(boolean) Whether the value is validated.

Alternative to filter_var( $var, FILTER_VALIDATE_BOOLEAN ).

4.0 wp-includes / functions.php


(array) $file
(array) $overrides
(string) $time
(string) $action
(array) On success, returns an associative array of file attributes. On failure, returns $overrides['upload_error_handler'](&$file, $message ) or array( 'error'=>$message ).

Handle PHP uploads in WordPress, sanitizing file names, checking extensions for mime type, and moving the file to the appropriate directory within the uploads directory.

4.0 wp-admin / includes / file.php