Function Arguments Return Description Version Path


(bool) $open
(int) $post_id
(boolean) $open

Close comments on an old post. Hooked to comments_open and pings_open.

2.7 wp-includes / comment.php


(WP_Post) $posts
(WP_Query) $query

Close comments on old posts on the fly, without any extra DB queries. Hooked to the_posts.

2.7 wp-includes / comment.php


(array) $comment_ids
(bool) $update_meta_cache = true

Adds any comments from the given IDs to the cache that do not already exist in cache.

4.4 wp-includes / comment.php


(string) $page_title
(string) $menu_title
(string) $capability
(string) $menu_slug
(callable) $function = ''
(false|string) The resulting page's hook_suffix, or false if the user does not have the capability required.

Add submenu page to the Comments main menu.

wp-admin / includes / plugin.php


(string) $post_type
(string|array) $feature

Register support of certain features for a post type.

3.0 wp-includes / post.php


(string) $msg

Display error message at bottom of comments.

wp-admin / includes / comment.php


(int) $id = 0

Output hidden input HTML for replying to comments.

2.7 wp-includes / comment-template.php


(int|WP_Comment) $comment = null

Display the link to the comments.

1.5 wp-includes / feed.php


(string) $deprecated = ''
(string) $deprecated_2 = ''

Display the link to the current post comments.

0.71 wp-includes / comment-template.php



Outputs the link to the comments for the current post in an xml safe way

3.0 wp-includes / feed.php