Function Arguments Return Description Version Path


(WP_User) $user
(array) List of user keys to be populated in wp_update_user().

Returns a list of meta keys to be (maybe) populated in wp_update_user().

3.3 wp-includes / user.php


(string) $type
(string|false) Metadata table name, or false if no metadata table exists

Retrieve the name of the metadata table for the specified object type.

2.9 wp-includes / meta.php


(void) 3.3 wp-admin / includes / misc.php


(array) $entry
(int) $count

Outputs a single row of public meta data in the Custom Fields meta box.

2.5 wp-admin / includes / template.php


(array) $capabilities = null

Store or return a list of post type meta caps for map_meta_cap().

3.1 wp-includes / post.php


(string) $size_name
(array) $image_meta
(array|boolean) Array of width and height values in pixels (in that order) or false if the size doesn't exist.

Get the image size as array from its meta data.

4.4 wp-includes / media.php


(int) $thumbnail_id = null
(mixed) $post = null
(string) html

Output HTML for the post thumbnail meta-box.

2.9 wp-admin / includes / post.php


(array) $args
(array) $default_args
(array) Filtered arguments.

Filter out `register_meta()` args based on a whitelist. `register_meta()` args may change over time, so requiring the whitelist to be explicitly turned off is a warranty seal of sorts.

4.6 wp-includes / meta.php


(int) $comment_id
(string) $meta_key
(mixed) $meta_value
(bool) $unique = false
(int|boolean) Meta ID on success, false on failure.

Add meta data field to a comment.

2.9 wp-includes / comment.php


(int) $post_ID

Add post meta data defined in $_POST superglobal for post with given ID.

1.2 wp-admin / includes / post.php