Function Arguments Return Description Version Path


(string) $str

Strip close comment and close php tags from file headers used by WP.

2.8 wp-includes / functions.php


(array) $terms
(object) $taxonomy

Will update term count based on object types of the current taxonomy.

2.3 wp-includes / taxonomy.php


(array) $value
(array) The array of attributes with global attributes added.

Helper function to add global attributes to a tag in the allowed html list.

3.5 wp-includes / kses.php



Displays title tag with content.

4.1 wp-includes / general-template.php


(string) $text
(array) $stack
(array) $disabled_elements

Search for disabled element tags. Push element to stack on tag open and pop on tag close.

2.9 wp-includes / formatting.php


(string) $tag
(string) $regex
(string) $query = ''

Add a new rewrite tag (like %postname%).

2.1 wp-includes / rewrite.php


(string) $id
(string) $title
(callable) $callback
(string) $page
(string) $section = 'default'
(array) $args = array()

Add a new field to a section of a settings page

2.7 wp-admin / includes / template.php


(string) $tag
(callable) $callback

Adds a new shortcode.

2.5 wp-includes / shortcodes.php


(string) HTML allowed tags entity encoded.

Display all of the allowed tags in HTML format with attributes.

1.0.1 wp-includes / general-template.php


(string) $tag
(mixed) $value
(mixed) The filtered value after all hooked functions are applied to it.

Call the functions added to a filter hook.

0.71 wp-includes / plugin.php