Time flies

Time flies.

It has been two years since QP launched. In this time it was visited and used by roughly 100,000 people (more than once by 37,000 of them), sizable portion of WordPress development community.

QP had not made much technological progress since it was created. Guess what — writing code parsers in spare time is of rather low appeal. :) It showed and continues to show however (marvelously so in my opinion) that WordPress developers need and enjoy the comprehensive and carefully crafted code reference experience.

During this time WP Parser project appeared and shambled through its first challenges. It still is shaky and work in progress, but it now powers the initial live version of new WordPress.org Development Hub Code Reference.

Dammit, it’s alive! :)

What does this mean for QP? Business as usual! “Better WordPress code reference” is (and will always be) a moving target. WordPress code references continue to progress, learn from each other, and push that target forever forward. There is a time to watch it move and there is a time to run after it.

Time to run ahead is coming again.