Function Arguments Return Description Version Path


(string) Empty string.

Returns an empty string.

3.7 wp-includes / functions.php


(string) $new_status
(string) $old_status

Clear the lastcommentmodified cached value when a comment status is changed.

4.7 wp-includes / comment.php


(string) $type = 'post'
(string) $perm = ''
(string) The cache key.

Return the cache key for wp_count_posts() based on the passed arguments.

3.9 wp-includes / post.php



Adds CSS to hide header text for custom logo, based on Customizer setting.

4.5 wp-includes / theme.php



Delete the fresh site option.

4.7 wp-includes / functions.php


(string) $class
(string) $version
(string) $parent_class = ''

Marks a constructor as deprecated and informs when it has been used.

4.3 wp-includes / functions.php


(string) $hook
(string) $version
(string) $replacement = null
(string) $message = null

Marks a deprecated action or filter hook as deprecated and throws a notice.

4.6 wp-includes / functions.php


(array) $clauses
(array) The modified clauses.

Filter the SQL clauses of an attachment query to include filenames.

4.7 wp-includes / post.php


(array|false) $url_parts
(int) $component = -1
(mixed) False on parse failure; Array of URL components on success; When a specific component has been requested: null if the component doesn't exist in the given URL; a string or - in the case of PHP_URL_PORT - integer when it does. See parse_url()'s return values.

Retrieve a specific component from a parsed URL array.

4.7 wp-includes / http.php


(string) $domain
(bool) $reset = false
(string|false) The path to the translation file or false if no translation file was found.

Gets the path to a translation file for loading a textdomain just in time.

4.7 wp-includes / l10n.php