Function Arguments Return Description Version Path


(string) $type = 'entities'
(array) An array to match all emoji that WordPress recognises.

Returns a arrays of emoji data.

4.9 wp-includes / formatting.php



Handle menu config after theme change.

4.9 wp-includes / nav-menu.php


(array) $sidebars_widgets
(array) $whitelist = array()
(array) Sidebars with whitelisted widgets.

Compares a list of sidebars with their widgets against a whitelist.

4.9 wp-includes / widgets.php


(string) $taxonomy

Clean the caches for a taxonomy.

4.9 wp-includes / taxonomy.php


(bool) $force_db = false

Deletes all expired transients.

4.9 wp-includes / option.php


(int) $network_id = null
(int) The ID of the main site.

Gets the main site ID.

4.9 wp-includes / functions.php


(string) The post type description.

Retrieves the description for a post type archive.

4.9 wp-includes / general-template.php


(int) $term_id
(array|false) Array with meta data, or false when the meta table is not installed.

Get all meta data, including meta IDs, for the given term ID.

4.9 wp-includes / taxonomy.php


(mixed) $readonly
(mixed) $current = true
(bool) $echo = true
(string) html attribute or empty string

Outputs the html readonly attribute.

4.9 wp-includes / general-template.php



Send a referrer policy header so referrers are not sent externally from administration screens.

4.9 wp-admin / includes / misc.php