Function Arguments Return Description Version Path


(int) 0.

Returns 0.

3.0 wp-includes / functions.php



Add submenus for post types.

3.1 wp-includes / post.php



Default admin bar callback.

3.1 wp-includes / admin-bar.php



Outputs the HTML for the notice to say that someone else is editing or has taken over editing of this post.

2.8.5 wp-admin / includes / post.php



Displays the search query.

2.7 wp-admin / includes / template.php


(string) $message
(string) $title = ''
(string|array) $args = array()

Kill WordPress ajax execution.

3.4 wp-includes / functions.php


(array) $matches

Newline preservation help function for wpautop

3.1 wp-includes / formatting.php


(string) $text
(string) $domain = 'default'
(string) Translated context string without pipe

Retrieve translated string with vertical bar context

2.2 wp-includes / deprecated.php


(string) $charset
(string) The canonical form of the charset.

Retrieve a canonical form of the provided charset appropriate for passing to PHP functions such as htmlspecialchars() and charset html attributes.

3.6 wp-includes / functions.php


(string) $str

Strip close comment and close php tags from file headers used by WP.

2.8 wp-includes / functions.php