Function Arguments Return Description Version Path


(bool) $markup = true
(bool) $translate = true

Sanitizes plugin data, optionally adds markup, optionally translates.

2.7 wp-admin / includes / plugin.php


(string) $attachment_id
(string) $size = 'full'
(string|false) File path or url on success, false on failure.

Retrieve the path or url of an attachment’s attached file.

3.4 wp-admin / includes / image.php


(string) $domain
(boolean) True when the textdomain is successfully loaded, false otherwise.

Loads plugin and theme textdomains just-in-time.

4.6 wp-includes / l10n.php


(array|object|WP_Term) $category

Update category structure to old pre 2.3 from new taxonomy structure.

2.3 wp-includes / category.php



Check the last time plugins were run before checking plugin versions.

2.7 wp-includes / update.php


(array) $mce_init
(array) Direction set for 'rtl', if needed by locale.

Set the localized direction for MCE plugin.

2.1 wp-includes / functions.php


(string) $query_string
(array) $args_to_check
(string) $url
(string) The altered query string

Removes arguments from a query string if they are not present in a URL DO NOT use this in plugin code.

3.4 wp-includes / canonical.php



Includes and instantiates the WP_Customize_Manager class.

3.4 wp-includes / theme.php


(string) $plugin
(string) $redirect = ''
(bool) $network_wide = false
(bool) $silent = false
(WP_Error|null) WP_Error on invalid file or null on success.

Attempts activation of plugin in a “sandbox” and redirects on success.

2.5 wp-admin / includes / plugin.php


(string|array) $plugins
(string) $redirect = ''
(bool) $network_wide = false
(bool) $silent = false
(boolean|WP_Error) True when finished or WP_Error if there were errors during a plugin activation.

Activate multiple plugins.

2.6 wp-admin / includes / plugin.php